A selection of some of the projects I have worked on ranging from small personal projects to projects in an educational or work setting.

Build 'n' Break cover image

Build 'n' Break

2-player game for building and destorying each others towers, created during an interdisciplinary university project course.

COP21 VLOG cover image


My experiences during COP21 shared with the Uppsala University community to follow the negotiations and activism taking place in Paris.



Disobedience Live is a live broadcasted documentary about 4 activists going on a journey to participate in a civil disobedience action for the climate.

Interactive Makerspace for Children in China cover image

Interactive Makerspace for Children in China

A learning experience for children to create and hack projects, delivered for free to migrant children and for-profit to middle-class families.

Kids Hack Day Innovation Club cover image

Kids Hack Day Innovation Club

A volunteer-run hacker club for children aged 8-12 years old.

Remote Presence Cyborg cover image

Remote Presence Cyborg

A remote presense robot built together with students for our friend going back to Alaska.

The Incredible Super Build Project cover image

The Incredible Super Build Project

Secondary school students building a 20 meters long rollercoaster

Sustainable Habits (30 Day Challenge) cover image

Sustainable Habits (30 Day Challenge)

A course project to practice a sustainable habits, and communicate it to broader audience in a non-academic way.

Window To The World cover image

Window To The World

An installation with the purpose to connect youth around the world.

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