"Disobedience Live is a live broadcasted documentary about 4 activists going on a journey to participate in a civil disobedience action for the climate. Together with thousands of other people they will occupy coal infrastructures in the Rhineland in Germany. The documentary will be online from the 22nd to the 27th of August 2017 and is shown around the clock in real time.

This art project is run by Troja scenkonst, who wants to shed light on the state of democracy today and start a discussion about active citizenship and different kinds of engagement – with civil disobedience as a starting point."

I got to know the artist collective Troja while living in Stockholm, and bonded over our common concern with climate change. In 2016, I got involved in the pilot project called "The Revolution Will Be Televised" where our crew of artists, technicians and volunteer activist traveled to Germany to occupy a coal mine and power plant just about to be sold by the Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall. Our goal was to livestream the whole journey and give people the inside story of climate activists, rather than having to rely on the chosen framing of the media.

In the technical team, we developed a streaming pipeline consisting of a 3G/4G router in a custom-made backpack with external antennas, iPhones as cameras and YouTube Live and Bambuser as streaming platforms. We didn't manage to keep the stream up 24/7 but learned valuable lessons about the hardware, German cell coverage and streaming services. Lessons that the technical team used when developing the equipment for DISOBEDIENCE.LIVE.

After we carried out the pilot streaming project in the spring 2016, we spent the summer researching technical possibilities for a full-scale project. One such technology was livestreaming 360 video, which we concluded would not be practical in our circumstances.

I was not active in the continued development leading up to DISOBEDIENCE.LIVE, but assisted the technical and livestreaming team before and during the live broadcast in Germany.

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