Democracy Squared: A digital revolution that's about to democratise democracy

This book analyze five projects that innovate democracy using new digital technology.

A few quotes: In his seminal TED Talk ‘ We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim’, the Harvard Law Professor and democratic thinker Lawrence Lessig goes deep on this point: "The United States (...) has two elections, one we call the general election, the second we should call the money election. In the general election, it's the citizens who get to vote, if you're over 18, in some states if you have an ID. In the money election, it's the funders who get to vote. The trick is, to run in the general election, you must do extremely well in the money election. You don't necessarily have to win. But you must do extremely well. And here's the key: there are few relevant funders in USA-land. Now you say, really? Really 0.05 percent? Well, here are the numbers from 2010: 0.26 percent of America gave 200 dollars or more to any federal candidate, 0.05 percent gave the maximum amount to any federal candidate, 0.01 percent — the one percent of the one percent — gave 10,000 dollars or more to federal candidates, and in this election cycle, my favorite statistic is .000042 percent — for those of you doing the numbers, you know that's 132 Americans — gave 60 percent of the Super PAC money spent in the cycle we have just seen ending. So I'm just a lawyer, I look at this range of numbers, and I say it's fair for me to say it's 0.05 percent who are our relevant funders in America."

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