During my semester studying Sustainable Developemt at CEMUS, Uppsala University, I was a part of a group of students guided by visiting professor Doreen Stabinsky that later formed into the Uppsala University Climate Change Platform (UUCC Platform). Our group shared a limited number of UN badges for the COP21 conference, and as a result I spent one week inside of the negotiations and one week in Paris together with civil society groups.

During the first week, due to my interest in the equity issue of climate change, my goal was to follow groups from the Global South and report the negotiations from their perspective. This included several video reports, an interview with Broderick Menke who is a delegate from the Marshall Islands and one action/protest inside the negotiation area to highlight the equity issue between the Global North and Global South.

It was a big contrast to spend the second week exploring the civil society that gather in Paris to highlight their agendas. That week had a deep impression on me, and I have been active in the European climate justice activist movement since.

If you're interested in more details about my experiences at COP21, here are two articles I wrote on the bus back to Sweden:

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