Jonathan Nylander

Systems thinker and aspiring designer for the public good with an interest in informal learning, climate justice and technology.


I enjoy being all over the place. Whevever I end up, I always carry with me a sense of curiosity and a backpack of perspectives, such as systems thinking, developmental psychology, metamodernism and various cultural perspectives.

As of late, I often end up thinking about politics and the complexity we have to deal with in making better decisions as a society. I have therefore studied various schools of systems thinking to support myself and others to respond to the grand challenges of our time.

I live in Beijing, China, where I teach Systems Thinking and Climate Change at Moonshot Academy. I have lived in China for about four years and speak somewhat fluent Mandarin (HSK5 level).

What I'm learning (Update on 2020-11-10)

Portrait of me

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