Jonathan Nylander

Exploring climate, education and technology through the lens of systems thinking and design.

Systems Thinking Educator and in-house Climate Justice Activist at


A digital garden of research notes, thoughts and learning in progress.

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Some of the projects I have created in contexts of study, work and play.

The Incredible Super Build

A learning experiment facilitating a group of secondary school students to build a 20 meters long rollercoaster in 2 months.


Disobedience Live is a live broadcasted documentary about 4 activists going on a journey to participate in a civil disobedience action for the climate.

Build 'n' Break

Build 'n' Break is a 2-player game for building and destorying each others towers, made during an interdisciplinary project course at the University of Skövde.

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An online bookshelf containing the books that have inspired me the most.

How China Escaped the Poverty Trap

Yuen Yuen Ang

The Listening Society

Hanzi Freinacht

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Shoshana Zuboff

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